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Gourmet Shaved Ice

Have you ever tasted organic shaved ice?


We didn't think so. For the first time in your life, come experience what true summer treat happiness tastes like. We offer 36 classic flavors and 16 organic flavors in fully biodegradable 8, 12, and 16 oz. bowls. And it doesn't stop there. Our spoons, straws, and napkins are also all made from completely renewable resources that are fully biodegradable and every bowl is equipped with a QR code so you can find the nearest composting site.

Our 4 ft. x 6ft. shave ice abode was hand-built from 100% reclaimed, reused wood. After hours of disassembling heat-treated wooden pallets, we were able to construct what may be the Taj Mahal of the shaved ice world.

Come live the dream at The Nomadik Few, Gourmet Shaved Ice...where the ice is always fine!

  • Excellent flavors. Awesome duo running the joint. Helped make our 4th of July evening even more special. Thanks a bunch you guys and keep up the good work.
    Bobby Patterson
  • Absolutely the best shaved ice I've ever had!
    Brittney Venable
  • This was the BEST shaved iced I have ever had!! We will be buying again for sure!!
    Misty Lynch
  • Absolutely enjoyed it! It is so delightful on a hot summer day... It's not expensive and even if it was I would still pay more because it is great fellowship and great service!
    Edward J. Arnold
  • The Nomadik Few has the most excellent Shaved Ice in town!! These two guys will be some of the neatest people you will ever meet! Don't miss out, go and visit them today! On the corner of Main St. and Broad St.!
    Dede Dodd Reid
  • Fabulous people, fabulous shaved ice. Never knew ice could taste this incredible!!
    Aaron Schaeffer
  • Really Delicious and so refreshing!! Love your shaved ice! Thank you.
    Ruth Gilette
  • Excellent shaved ice and friendly people!! Many flavors to choose from! I will be a repeat customer :)
    Devyn Marie Washburn
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Great Service

You won't find better service anywhere!

Amazing Flavors

With gourmet, organic, and sugar free flavors to choose from, you can't go wrong!


Nothing is more refreshing than gourmet shaved ice!


We cater to any event including: Parties, Church Events, Weddings, Family Gatherings, Sporting Events, and Corporate Events!


All of our products are served with fully biodegradable bowls, spoons, and straws 

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