Jamie and Sean


Sam and Frodo, Han and Chewbacca, Macaroni and Cheese. Like these famous duos listed, Jamie and Sean are synonymous with each other. When their friendship started, a lifelong bond was created.

After four years of tearing it up on the lacrosse field at Wade Hampton High School, Jamie and Sean parted ways for college.


After college was over both Jamie and Sean moved back home to Greenville to figure what their next steps were. Both of them growing up in the church decided they wanted to grow in their relationship with God. What happened next is very much a true story. Jamie and Sean decided to take the next year of their life and go live in the wilderness. There they would begin a year long adventure of growing in their faith.



When Jamie and Sean returned from a year in the wild, their story became somewhat legendary amongst friends and family. They were officially dubbed the Nomads. This became more than just a nickname, this became their way of life - their business.

One evening while dinning over some leftovers at Seans moms house, the duo decided they wanted to start a business with each other. After some debate and more leftovers, the guys finally decided what the business was going to be - Shaved Ice. Not just any shaved ice, gourmet shaved ice. Greenville definitely had it’s fair share of ice cream and snow cones (snow cones are often mistaken for shaved ice, which is a shame because snow cones are kind of lame). What Greenville was missing was true Hawaiian shaved ice.