The Nomadik Few
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The Nomadik Few

Where the Ice is Always Fine



Since their inaugural season back in 2013, The Nomadik Few have quickly become Greenville’s premier destination for shaved ice. With two permanent locations, and more on the way, The Nomadik Few are here to stay.

Ice of the Party

The Nomadik Few are available for all different events. Whether it’s a birthday party, corporate event, or weddings - We’ll bring the ice to you


What makes The Nomadik Few gourmet shaved ice? It starts with the ice. Our ice is shaved on such a fine level it mimics that of fresh powdery snow. Because of this, it allows the flavors of the syrups and toppings to really settle in.

Next are our ingredients. The Nomadik Few is the only shaved ice vendor in the upstate to offer a whole line of organic flavors. Along with our organic line, which consists of flavors like Black Cherry, Blueberry, and Mango, we also have a full line of classic shaved ice flavors like Tigers Blood, Hurricane, and Cotton Candy.

Gourmet shaved ice is more than just ice and syrup. Although there is nothing wrong with the basics, we like to offer customers the experience of adding toppings and mixing flavors. So if adding gummy worms, chocolate syrup, or our famous snow cream is your thing, we have you covered.

Maybe you want to add toppings but you’re not sure where to start. We have multiple creations like our Rootbeer Float (Rootbeer & Snow Cream) or the Caramel Covered Apple (Tart Green apple smothered in caramel sauce and spritzed with sour spray.) to help get you started. You can check out our full menu below.